About our Manpower Services

Jusoor Manpower services – part of Maqta Bridge have been operational in Abu Dhabi since 1994.

Why Choose Us ?

* Licensed by official authorities
* We are locally present in UAE & having several channel partners for sourcing around Asia.
* We understand client’s needs & provide the proper solution.
* Ability to provide right caliber of staff that will enhance productivity of the company and reduce costs.

Hospitals & Hospitality Services


Onshore & Offshore Facilities

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Engineering Services by JusoorFM

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Why Choose Jusoor FM for Manpower Services in Abu Dhabi?


We have 10+ years of experience providing a wide range of specialty

Same-Day Service!

Services 24/7 everyday of the year no matter what time of day or night.


We provide the best quality and fastest help at fair and affordable prices.


120+ highly trained, experienced, professional and skilled experts.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of services in all domestic spheres.


We ensure our customers safety and comfort at all times.

 How Our Manpower Services in Abu Dhabi works?


We hire the best and most experienced professional workers.

Choosing Our Company

Our company is licensed and has a good track in providing quality services.


We made our services 24/7 the whole year so that customers can call at any time for same-day services

What we Offer

Here at Jusoor FM we offer many services but the main 3 are home maintenance, AC maintenance and electrical services.


Please feel free to contact us for your Manpower Services in Abu Dhabi


What AC services do you offer?

Jusoor FM offers the following services (but not limited to): AC repair and maintenance, AC installation in Abu Dhabi, AC duct cleaning services, AC system replacement and AC water leakage problems.

How Often Should I Do AC Maintenance?

Your air conditioning unit needs maintenance at least once in 3 months. This will help your AC be in better shape and for us to know if there are still any underlying issues your AC has or if it’s still functioning properly.

What Does Professional Air Conditioner Maintenance Entail?

This includes (but not limited to) a thorough checkup of your air conditioning unit, preventive maintenance, thermostat settings, refrigerant level and among many other things. To know more about AC maintenance, contact us or book an appointment.

How Long Does AC Maintenance Take?

It depends on the severity of the problem your AC has. Usually, our technicians work as quickly as possible and still maintain our standard of quality work. The quickest would be around 10 to 15 minutes while the longest may take 30 minutes to an hour. However, these are just estimated times. For your peace of mind, we’d be more than happy to provide you with a timeline for our maintenance work. 

Client Testimonials

Based on 68 reviews
Lenah Ankliss
Lenah Ankliss
Very fast and quick quality service
Ruge Lin
Ruge Lin
Very nice service. Sure I am going to need them again!
Hamad Ayeh
Hamad Ayeh
Very quick, professional and efficient service. They did a good job cleaning the air conditioning and fixing any issues regarding.
jafnas ubi
jafnas ubi
Very Good workers and they have good quality of attitude.
Zoë Harries
Zoë Harries
Excellent service
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